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Borneo Bulletin: Bintang Search stars dazzle in final concert

24 Ogo 2020

Borneo Bulletin

24 Ogo 2020

Bintang Search stars dazzle in final concert
August 25, 2020
Hakim Hayat
The top five finalists of the local online-streaming-based reality singing contest Bintang Search battled their hearts out during the final concert premiered on Sunday evening.
During the final elimination show last Saturday, five contestants – Mimi Wahab, Najrul Maznibi, Khairul Nadzri, Maya Walker and Sami Alli, who have amassed a following since their debut in the auditions were named the finalists of the contest, which its producers said has garnered over 700,000 unique views on YouTube since its premiere in June.
The final concert saw each finalist belting out three different songs of different genres – a Malay song, a ballad and an upbeat or rock number, making the evening their most nerve-wrecking and challenging feat.
With the talents giving rousing performances, three celebrity judges – singer-songwriter Fakhrul Razi, entertainment producer Nana Farhana and singer Rizal Rasid gave professional advice and mentorship.
Some of the evening’s highlight performances included Mimi Wahab’s rendition of the popular song Matahariku from Indonesian artiste Agnes Monica, where YouTube commenters applauded the vocal powerhouse’s performance that also amazed the three judges with her high notes.
Meanwhile, one of viewers’ favourites Najrul Maznibi’s performance of the pop hit from Harry Styles, Sugar High, also captured the hearts of many with his fun and energetic performance.
Mimi told the Bulletin that it has been a rollercoaster journey for her. She endured challenges that taught her about singing and life. “This is where we can polish and cultivate our singing career,” she said, adding that she has overcome her stage-fright and nervousness with the mentorship of one of the judges.
Najrul said that since the auditions stage, he has learnt so much and considers this as one of his biggest platforms in his singing career. “I am an ordinary person who wants to pursue my dreams, and Alhamdulillah, this might be where my dreams will come true,” he said.
Khairul said being in the competition has polished his vocal skills. “There were many challenges, but I always strive to give my best and Alhamdulillah, this will drive me to become a better singer.”
Sami, who was eliminated in the previous elimination round and later re-entered the competition based on judges’ votes said he never imagined being in the finals. “I did my best during the semi-finals but did not make it, and to be called back to the finals, I think it’s my luck. This platform gives me an opportunity to learn from our mentors, producers and crews that have been supportive.”
Maya, the youngest contestant in the show who sang a Malay power ballad Aku Bidadari Syurgamu by Malaysian legendary vocalist Datuk Siti Nurhaliza said she felt more comfortable with the genre, as opposed to rock.
“But at the same time most of my songs are in the slow or mid tone range and a lot of tones,” she said, adding that the song allowed her to sing her heart out.
Television and streaming services consumption spiked to the highest numbers in Brunei, due to pandemic restrictions, as home-bound Bruneians sat glued to their sets and mobile screens, engrossed in the news and local entertainment. This was boosted with increased broadband Internet penetration in the country.
Director and Programme Producer Siti Kamaluddin said this was evident with the successful first season of the Bruneian sitcom Babu-Nya produced by OOPs! Brunei along with Bintang Search, which was an instant success.
She attributed the show’s success to local youth working tirelessly behind the scenes, most are still learning the basics of show business.
“The Bintang Search has provided a platform for young directors (and production team) to learn on the job as part of their training and gain exposure,” she said.
She said the journey has been very interesting for her and the team. “It has also been a touching journey for me because it bonded us as a family,” she said.
Starting as an unknown programme, she admitted that they were not expecting much reception since it was on YouTube but with the trust from many parties including corporates that have given their support, she hopes to see more coming forward to help support art and the creative industry in Brunei, so they can come up with the second season of Bintang Search.
“We have a great future in online streaming broadcasting. The best thing with YouTube is that it is accessible from any device,” she said.
With the conclusion of the concert last Sunday, viewers can vote for their favourite contestant through until tomorrow at 11.59pm.
The winner, who will be determined by half of the viewers’ votes and half from the judges, will be announced during the Grand Finale Results Show this Sunday through the OOPs!
YouTube Channel.
Bintang Search is a singing-based reality show that attracted over 300 individuals to showcase their talents during a month-long audition held in June.

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