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Borneo Bulletin: Bintang Search remains local favourite

8 Sep 2021

Borneo Bulletin

8 Sep 2021

Bintang Search remains local favourite
September 9, 2021

Bintang Search Edisi Teranah Di Rumah remains Brunei Darussalam’s most watched entertainment programme of 2021, despite adapting to a ‘film from home’ format.

The show has amassed a staggering 800,000 views across its many online platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Bintang Search 2021 will begin the competitive rounds on ‘Konsert Bintang Search Week 3’ on September 12.

Show runner Siti Kamaluddin said, “In this year’s programme, we are constantly adapting to make Bintang Search relevant to the current situation we are facing. So it is about time that we resume the competitive aspect of the show.”

She added, “Bintang Search is constantly changing and we embrace the show’s adaptability. Change is what makes Bintang Search the show it is today.”

Bintang Search Konsert Week 3 voting will continue SMS voting with Imagine Sdn Bhd. The voting remains, ‘one number, one vote’. The result show will consist of one weekly winner and one eliminated contestant.

Contestant Jabby Abdullah said, “When I heard there was going to be elimination in the next round, I was nervous. But we enjoyed four weeks of getting the hang of singing and producing videos from home, and I guess it is about time to be back in the competition. So, although I am nervous, I am excited.”

The same sentiment was shared by host Fatin Feisal, who said, “It will be exceptionally hard because we have featured the same 16 contestants for a month, and gotten to know them personally. It was difficult enough announcing the elimination result face-to-face and I can imagine this to be twice as challenging being the bearer of bad news virtually.”

Bintang Search consists of five episodes weekly: ‘Road to Bintang – Vocals’ every Wednesday at 8pm; ‘Road to Bintang – Looks’ every Thursday at 8pm; ‘Road to Bintang – Fitness’ every Friday at 8pm; ‘Bintang Search Result and Elimination Show’ every Saturday at 8pm; and ‘Konsert Bintang Search’ every Sunday at 8pm.

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