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Borneo Bulletin: Bintang search continues to shine with new stay-at-home edition

13 Ogo 2021

Borneo Bulletin

13 Ogo 2021

Bintang search continues to shine with new stay-at-home edition
August 14, 2021

Since the announcement of the COVID-19 spread in the country last Saturday, Bintang Search 2021 has been exploring ways to continue entertaining families at home while adapting to Ministry of Health (MoH) restrictions.

This week, Bintang Search introduced Bintang Search Edisi Teranah Di Rumah, a stay-at-home singing reality show to entertain viewers and encourage them to stay at home. The adaptation reflects the show’s flexibility and innovation in creating content.

The Bintang Search’s Edisi Teranah Di Rumah will not replace the weekly elimination and concert shows on OOPs! The special stay-at-home edition is an interim programme while the current restrictions are in place. Bintang Search week two elimination and Concert Top 12 will resume when restrictions are lifted.

Contestants, judges and hosts film their performances at home, with no physical contact. Preparations for their performance such as vocal lessons were also conducted online under the guidance of the Bintang Search production team.

Showrunner Siti Kamaluddin said, “Media companies around the world must adjust under COVID-19 protocols. We saw an opportunity to launch the Teranah Di Rumah edition and avoid any disruptions to production crew employment, while also continuing to entertain the public with locally-made content.”

Bintang Search host Fatin Feisal said, “When I received a call from the Bintang Search team about the new edition, I got excited.

“It feels weird co-hosting without Ian (Zulkifli) physically next to me but I cannot wait to be part of something this innovative.”

Judge Rizal Rasid said, “Change to me is always exciting and adaptability is what we aim to achieve in the creative industry. I am proud to be a part of this show. Together, we will play our part in combatting COVID-19 in the country.”

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